Vaagn Gouchtchian


Vaagn Gouchtchian has obtained his MaRes from Université de Provence (Aix en Provence, France) in literature and literary theory, his dissertation discussing author-character relations in the novel is underway. Since 2009, Vaagn has been actively contributing to various literary and multimedia projects. Vaagn’s translations from Western Armenian to French of Rouben Zardarian’s and Artashes Haroutiunian’s short stories have received a warm public and professional acclaim, both in Armenia and in France (UEA Press, 2015); Vaagn acted as translator and cultural consultant for the documentary “Tigran” (2014). Currently, he is working on the translation and analysis of Armenian folktales and has been teaching Literature and Culture at AUA since 2015.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +37460 61 2522

Office location: PAB 118W