Pavlos Georgiadis

Adjunct Lecturer

Pavlos Georgiadis joined the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment in the fall of 2021.  He is an ethnobotanist, ecosystem restoration, and community-led climate action specialist. He has research and development experience in 20+ countries in Europe, Asia, and America, working on biodiversity conservation, rural innovation, and sustainable development. He is an active social entrepreneur in the agroecological sector and is consulting major local, national and EU-level institutions such as the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as private and civil society organizations. With strong analytical skills and a flair for participatory design processes, he specializes in climate and food policy analysis, community engagement, and societal transition projects with a focus on sustainable land use systems. He is a University of Edinburgh graduate with a BSc/(Hons) in Plant Science and an MSc in Biodiversity & Taxonomy of Plants. He holds a second MSc in Environmental Protection & Agricultural Food Production from the University of Hohenheim-Stuttgart and is currently finalizing a Ph.D. in Societal Transition and Agriculture.

Contacts E-mail: [email protected]