Mariam Khachatryan

EFL Instructor

Diploma, Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia
EFL Instructor

Mariam Khachatryan graduated from YSLU after V. Brusov in 2012. She received her MA in TEFL in 2014 from AUA. Currently she is an EFL Instructor. She is teaching in 3 different programs of the Center for Research in Applied Linguistics of AUA: EEC, Sprout- Preschool English Program, Gevorkian Theological Seminary. She has conducted research on methodologies of teaching young learners, and on academic dishonesty, in particular the unethical purchase of academic papers in public universities of Armenia.

Mariam has participated in Academic Conferences and Scholarship Programs in Yerevan, Jerusalem, Munich, Athens, and other places.  She has published 2 articles in international academic journals within the framework of the conferences. She is interested in CBI (Content Based Instruction), namely, in  teaching English through music, songs, art and environmental science. She loves hiking and going to pilgrimages.