Lusine Nalbandyan

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Expert in the Waste Governance in Armenia project

Lusine Nalbandyan will be providing an institutional and policy analysis of the present biological waste management system in Armenia and its gaps to be aligned with the principles of circular economy.  She is an agro-ecologist. Lusine is a co-founder and the managing director at Armenian-Norwegian joint venture ORWACO, producer of certified organic fertilizers made of biological waste. She works as a researcher at “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO since 2006. Her work involves coordinating projects aimed at rural development, eco-tourism, biodiversity conservation, sustainable organic agriculture including pesticide and POP risk reduction, and organic fertilizer production. Lusine is a board member and a co-founder at “Rural Sustainable Development” agricultural foundation and a board member at “Pesticide Action Network Europe”. As the Head of the Agriculture Department at “NAIRIAN” CJSC, Lusine consults the production of various agricultural crops and herbs used in cosmetics. She is a chairperson of “Armenian Organic Association”.

Lusine holds a Master’s Degree in Agroecology from the Armenian State Agrarian University where she is currently completing her Ph.D. thesis on the efficiency of organic fertilizers.