Levon Sargsyan, PhD

Adjunct Lecturer

Levon Sargsyan has got PhD in Physical Chemistry at 2016. He spent several months in scientific research at Univesity Of Saarland (Universitat des Saarlandes), Germany. His scientific research was in the field of biophysical chemistry, especially about protein folding, denaturation and binding with several ligands such as polyphenols. Levon Sargsyan joined CSE in 2018 as an Adjunct Lecturer for Chemistry course. He is also teaching chemistry at Ayb school since 2016.

Higher education

2016, PhD. in Physical Chemistry
Yerevan State University, Department of Physical Chemistry
2013, Master of Chemistry
Yerevan State University
2011, Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry
Yerevan State University

Courses taught:

  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life


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5. K. R. Grigoryan, L. S. Sargsyan, S. A. Markarian, T. Burkholz, C. Jacob, Fluorescence Characterization of Human Hemoglobin Binding with Tannic Acid, Chem. Journal of Armenia, 2014, №2, p. 1 – 5.


2012 – 2013 – Scholarship after D.I.Mendeleev (Institute of Eurasian Studies, Russia)


Office location: 317W/PAB