Lena Simonynan

EFL Instructor

Diploma, Yerevan State University of Armenia
MA TEFL, American University of Armenia
EFL Instructor

Lena Simonyan got her BA in Linguistics from Yerevan State University Romans and Germanic Faculty and her MA in TEFL from the American University of Armenia Department of English Programs. Still studying at AUA she got Federal Assistance Award from US Department of State for attending the 13th Annual Conference-CTELT 2009, Teacher Development in Language Assessment in Dubai Men’s College, Dubai, UAE.

Being a very enthusiastic and creative person in nature, Lena Simonyan got a certificate of appreciation for assistance in the organization of an International Conference in Armenia (ILACA 2009).

In 2011, her thesis “Construction and Validation of a task- based test in the Armenian Context” was published by Lap LAMBERT Academic Publishing House in Germany. After graduating AUA, she was offered a teaching position in the Experimental English Class (EEC) in AUA.  Each time entering the classroom, Lena Simonyan brings with her joy and kindness to the classroom environment. This makes her students feel welcomed, cared, and loved.