Khalid Aboura, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Khalid Aboura spent several years involved in academic research at the George Washington University, Washington D.C, U.S.A, where he completed the Master of Science and the Doctor of Science degrees in Operations Research. Dr. Aboura has extensive experience in Stochastic Modelling, Operations Research, Simulation, Maintenance Optimization and Mathematical Optimization. Dr. Khalid Aboura worked as a Research Scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia and conducted research at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Computing and Communication, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Dr. Khalid Aboura was a Research Scientist at the Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology of Shenzhen, China. He headed the Department of Quantitative Methods at the College of Business Administration at the University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


Higher education

1989, Doctor of Science in Operations Research, minor in Statistics
The George Washington University

1985, Master of Science in Operations Research
The George Washington University

1982, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
The University of Science and Technology of Algiers


Courses taught:

  • Operations Management, Undergraduate, MBA Level, Executive MBA Level
  • Quantitative Methods in Business, Undergraduate
  • Principles of Business Mathematics, Undergraduate
  • Principles of Business Statistics, Undergraduate
  • Mathematics & Statistics for Business, Pre-MBA course, Executive MBA Level
  • Stochastic Foundations of Operations Research, Master Level
  • Computer Applications in Production/Operations Management, Master Level
  • Elements of Decision Making and Problem Solving, Master Level
  • Probability and Bayesian Statistics, Master Level
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Techniques, Master and Doctorate Level
  • Reliability Theory, Master and Doctorate Level
  • Probability and Statistics, Continuing Education
  • Gamma Process in Maintenance Optimization, Continuing Education



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  • Omega Rho (Operations Research Honor Society)
  • Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society)
  • Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Honor Society
  • Elected to the Fourth Annual ORSA Doctoral Colloquium


Office Location: 330W/PAB