Karine Satamyan

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Admissions and Recruitment Officer

I am the longest serving team member in the admissions team! With my study and work experience at AUA, I have connections and roots around the world, I feel as a bridge connecting Armenia with the former Soviet republics, Europe, USA, and more.

I graduated from Anania Shirakatsi University with a degree in International Relations and then moved on to pursue my Master of Laws right here at AUA. I am a clear example of the impact an AUA education provides. I graduated having developed my knowledge, analytical thinking, and creativity - all assets that help me in my position at AUA. I mostly focus on graduate admissions and recruitment in my position. What do I like most in my job? Working with applicants interested in furthering their education and supporting them in their endeavors to have a positive impact on their surroundings. When I am not working, I enjoy working out and practicing yoga.

My advice to our applicants? Never hesitate to come and speak to me and our admissions team if you have questions. Our doors are always open.