Hrachya Kocharyan, PhD

Assistant Professor

Hrachya Kocharyan is a Materials Science/Physics experimental researcher. From 2014-2016, he studied in Estonia, where his research was in solar cell materials. During his Ph.D. between 2016-2020, Dr. Kocharyan worked on the development of smart metamaterials. 

His research interests are in smart materials, metamaterials, lattice structures, micro- & nanomaterials, mechanical waves, dynamics and control of waves, and optical measurement techniques.

Higher Education

2020, Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

2016, MS in Materials Science

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

2014, MA in Education

Vanadzor State University, Armenia

2012, BS in Radiophysics, Armenia

Courses taught:

  • ENGS 261 “Control Systems 1”


  1. Kocharyan, H., & Karanjgaokar, N. (2021). Development of Controllable Adaptive Granular Metamaterials for Impact Mitigation, in preparation
  2. Kocharyan, H., & Karanjgaokar, N. (2021). Influence of interactions between multiple point defects on wave scattering in granular media, Granular Matter, submitted
  3. Kocharyan, H., & Karanjgaokar, N. (2021). Wave propagation through submerged granular media over a wide range of fluid viscosities. Powder Technology, 380, 126-133.
  4. Kocharyan, H., & Karanjgaokar, N. (2020). Influence of Lateral Constraints on Wave Propagation in Finite Granular Crystals. Journal of Applied Mechanics, 87(7), 071011.
  5. Bereznev, S., Kocharyan, H., Maticiuc, N., Naidu, R., Volobujeva, O., Tverjanovich, A., & Kois, J. (2017). One-stage pulsed laser deposition of conductive zinc oxysulfide layers. Applied Surface Science, 425, 722-727.

Office location: 337W/PAB