Hamlet Khachatryan

Hamlet Khachatryan joined CSE as an adjunct lecturer in 2022.  He is a Computational Chemist at Denovo Sciences with a medical background. Hamlet Khachatryan is a researcher at the Institute of Pharmacy of Yerevan State University in the field of organic synthesis and the Co-Founder of the Foldink biotechnological startup, which specializes in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. Also, he is a jury member at the republican chemistry olympiad. He has research interests in computational modeling of biological and chemical systems, computer aided drug design.

Higher Education:

2023, MD (last year student)

Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

Courses taught:

  • Cheminformatics


  1. Anna F. Mkrtchyan, Ani M. Paloyan, Liana A. Hayriyan, Armen S. Sargsyan, Anna S. Tovmasyan, Ani J. Karapetyan, Artur A. Hambardzumyan, Nelli A. Hovhannisyan, Henrik A. Panosyan, Hamlet N. Khachatryan, Ani S. Dadayan & Ashot S. Saghyan (2021) Synthesis of enantiomerically enriched non-protein α-amino acids and their study as aldose reductase inhibitors, Synthetic Communications, 51:9, 1433-1450, DOI: 10.1080/00397911.2021.1887258

Research database IDs: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8136-3166

Office location: 336W, PAB