Gohar Minasyan

Program Coordinator in Gyumri

Gohar Minasyan is the Coordinator of the AUA Open Education in Gyumri and a General English course instructor.

Gohar has been working as a program representative and an English language instructor at the AUA Open Education office in Gyumri since 2008. During those eight years, she held both teaching and administrative positions.

In 2006, Gohar participated in a forum organized by ATHGO International Corporation, along with the US Embassy and the UN. She became an Excellence Scholarship Winner, and participated in the Third Annual Global Forum in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007. Additionally, she has participated in many seminars, workshops, and forums to enhance her knowledge and gain qualification in various areas.

Gohar graduated from AUA with an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Prior to that, she obtained her first MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (second language French) from Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute.

Address: 1 Gayi  str, Gyumri

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