Dr. Arpie Balian


Arpie Balian specializes in public administration, policy planning and development. She studied at the American University of Beirut, American University in Washington, D.C., and received her doctorate in policy, planning and development from the University of Southern California. Prior to joining AUA, she has taught in various institutions in Armenia and abroad and also has served as director of planning, budget, and evaluation in the U.S. government. Dr. Arpie Balian is the author of numerous studies and publications on policy analysis, evaluation and development. Her current studies include Globalization and national identity; Motivations of individuals to run for office, and Social impact of migration.

Education, Degree
PhD, University of Southern California


Areas of research and teaching specialization

Local government / development / governance
Research methods; Policy and program evaluation; Development

Research Activities/Projects

  • Key Drivers of Public Trust in Developing Nations (current)
  • The National Identity Debate (current)
  • The Role of Armenian Women in a Globalized World (current)

Conference presentations

  • 3rd Tempus, International Conference: Strategic Management of Human Resources, October 2016 (Moderator)
  • 3rd AAWH International Conference: U.S. Declaration of Independence, 240, October 2016. (Presenter: An Interpretation of the Preamble of the U.S. Declaration of Independence Using the Writings of John Locke)
  • 7th AIWA International Conference, 2014 (Panel Moderator and Presenter of paper on Women in Policy Making in a Globalized World)
  • AUA Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference, 2012 (Conference Organizer & Principal Moderator)


  • EU Launching Conference & Partnership Forum, Constanta, Romania Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020, July 2016
  • World Bank-Mission Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia                           Symposium on Strengthening the Livelihood of Vulnerable Populations, June 2016
  • Summative Evaluation of the WB-funded Strengthening the Livelihood and Voice of Poor and Vulnerable People in Armenia (proprietary), May 2016
  • Evaluation of the UNDP Innovation for Development and ATI through Social Innovation Projects (proprietary), May 2016
  • Evaluation of the UNDP Community Development Project (proprietary). Formative Evaluation of UNDP Building Resilient Communities Program (proprietary), May 2016
  • Armenian General Benevolent Union Convention, March 2015        Panelist: Nation-State Building
  • The Concept of Clustering in Development: Challenges and Benefits (Commissioned Study), 2010.
  • Summative Evaluation of Rural Program for Children with Special Needs, Mission East (Commissioned Study), 2009.
  • The Challenges of the Millennium Development Goals for Developing Nations, UNESCAP 2008.
  • The State of Income and Employment Generation Programs within Millennium Development Goals, 2007.
  • Measuring Development Progress, UNESCAP 2007.
  • Clustering in Rural Development: A New Model for Optimizing Use of Resources and Community Assets, 2006.
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  • Does Changing the Examination Process Affect Pendency: A Formative Process Evaluation, USPTO, 2004.
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