David Kocharov, PhD

Adjunct Lecturer

David has 14 years of experience in applying Information Technology for international development with specific focus on monitoring & evaluation and development effectiveness. His professional expertise and practice areas include program management, public finances and budgeting, social protection, and disaster management. David has worked for governments and international organisations in over 40 countries around the world. Having provided IT consulting, business analysis, project management and training services for customers, as well as led business development, sales and marketing activities for Synergy, he specializes in delivering analytical reporting solutions for executive, data-driven decision-making and results-based management.


Higher education

2008, PhD in Systems Automation
State Engineering University of Armenia

2005, Master of Applied Mathematics & Information Science
Russian-Armenian University


Courses taught:

  • CS350, Software Project Management



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  1. Republic of Armenia President Award “Best Postgraduate Student”. 2007, Yerevan, Armenia
  2. Moscow Central District Prefecture Scholarship granted for academic excellence, 2003-2004, Moscow, Russia


Office Location: 317W/PAB