David Davidian

Adjunct Lecturer

David Davidian joined AUA in 2015. He received a BS degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and worked at the Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Plant as a Reactor Engineer. David went on to graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts for Systems Engineering and Control Systems. He worked for eleven years at NEC Electronics initially as a Diagnostics Programmer, later in HW and SW design, Technical Marketing, and eventually Engineering Manager. David subsequently worked for the Armenian Minister of Communications in 1992 and proposed an information infrastructure program for Armenia. Two years later, he introduced the same for Artsakh. He spent eleven years at Sun Microsystems as a Field Applications Engineer, then as a Principle Engineer in Technical Intelligence Analysis.  From 2006 to 2011, he worked at IBM Federal as a Technical Intelligence Analyst and as IBM Federal's Systems Architect for the US Air Force. David spent two years as a Systems Architect at Oracle Corporation before he and his family moved to Armenia in 2014. David has US Patents in his name: Feed Forward Neural Network, Integer Divide Using Shift and Subtract, and Memory with Phase Locked Loop Input.

Higher Education:

1977, BS in Nuclear Engineering

University of Massachusetts

Courses Taught:

  • How Things Work
  • The Scientific Method and Critical Thinking
  • Computer Organization
  • Network Programming
  • Technology Marketing


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