Daniel Shapiro

Former Writing Consultant

Born and raised in the American Midwest, Daniel Shapiro received bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Slavic Studies in 2018 from Brown University. He then received a master’s degree in Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia from Harvard University in 2020. His research has largely focused on U.S.-Russian relations and the Caucasus: he wrote his undergraduate thesis on Ramzan Kadyrov’s post-war reconstruction of Chechnya and his graduate thesis on the views of young Russian Americanists on the future of U.S.-Russian relations. After working for Harvard Kennedy School’s Russia Matters Project and the European Leadership Network, Daniel began a Fulbright research grant in Armenia in June 2021, looking at how Armenian diaspora communities in Russia and the United States impact Armenian foreign policy balancing strategies.

At PSIA, Daniel coordinated the Students Writing Initiative and served as a writing consultant for six months.

Contact: [email protected]