Armine Balayan

Admissions Counselor

“Education is the passport to the future and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today". - Malcolm X

Hi, I am Armine, a fresh graduate of the American University of Armenia!

After completing my undergraduate studies at the Yerevan State University in 2019, I have been working in the field of non-formal education, organizing different seminars and workshops for students throughout Armenia.

During the last two years, AUA has played a huge role in my academic life, giving me western-style high-quality education and an opportunity to work with real professionals. As a person who went through the admissions process, I know how important the role of a counselor is in supporting the applicants during it. This belief made me to continue my career at the AUA Admissions Office after my graduation.

If you want to become a part of the AUA community like I did, I am here to help you to achieve your goal. Keeping in mind Malcom X's famous quote, apply to AUA today!