Armen Mazmanyan

Associate Professor

Armen Mazmanyan studies constitutional and international law from a comparative and inter-disciplinary perspectives. His past research especially focused on constitution-building and constitutional courts in aspiring democracies, as well as on law, human rights and politics in post-Soviet states, election systems and law, rule of law in multilevel systems, and on patterns of legalism in illiberal regimes. Prof. Mazmanyan holds a PhD and a Master’s degree from the European University Institute, an LLM from the University of Illinois, and a graduate law degree from the Yerevan State University. He was Visiting Professor at Duke University School of Public Policy (2015) and at Institute of Law, Politics and Development at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (2020 and 2022); he has also held visiting research positions at the Electoral Integrity Project in the University of Sydney, at Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Columbia Law School, University of Antwerp, and at Central European University. He has served as a member of the State Commission for Constitutional Reform and as a European Court of Human Rights ad hoc judge for Armenia. As an international expert, he has advised on constitutional-building and election reforms in over 15 countries.


  • European University Institute, PhD (2009), Master of Research (2006)
  • University of Illinois, LLM (2002)
  • Yerevan State University, (1998)


  • Public International Law
  • Law in Everyday Life
  • Current Issues in Law and Society


Edited Volumes

  • Popelier P., Mazmanyan A., Vandenbruwaene W. The role of constitutional courts in multilevel governance. – Intersentia (Cambridge, 2013).

Journal Articles and book chapters

  • Mazmanyan, ‘On Legalism, Illiberal Takeover and the Immune System of Constitutional Democracy’, in Uladzislau Belavusau and Aleksandra Gliszczynska-Grabias, Constitutionalism under Stress: Essays in Honour of Wojciech Sadurski, Oxford University Press, 2020
  • Mazmanyan, ‘Facades, Puppets or Activist Watchdogs? Assessing Constitutional Courts in Central Asian Politics”, in “Constitutionalism Without Adjectives, editors Justin O. Frosini and Carna Pistan, Percorsi Constituzionali 1-3, 2020
  • Mazmanyan, ‘Constitutional Courts, in Pippa Norris and Alessandro Nai, “Election Watchdogs: Transparency, Accountability, Compliance and Integrity” (2017, Oxford University Press)
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  • Mazmanyan, ‘Majoritarianism, Accountability and Deliberation as Institutional Instincts of Constitutional Courts’, in (eds. P. Popelier, A. Mazmanyan, W. Vandenbruwaene), The Role of Constitutional Courts in Multilevel Governance , Intersentia, 2013
  • Mazmanyan, ‘Failing constitutionalism: From political legalism to defective empowerment’ //Global Constitutionalism, Cambridge University Press. – 2012. – Т. 1. – №. 2. – С. 313-333.


Email: [email protected]

Office: 109W, PAB